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  • Do Not insert your e-mail address into web sites unless this is absolutely necessary. It has been observed that e-mails seen in web pages are receiving much higher percentage in contrast with those that don't get "published".

  • If it is necessary to public your e-mail on the Internet do Not use free text or unencrypted link to it. But, instead of text either use images (in gif or jpg format) that display your e-mail or a form of encrypted text like the one presented below (see "Hide your e-mail from spammers"). These techniques will keep away your e-mail from spammers' robots namely web robots, web crawlers or web spiders (tools that spammers use to harvest e-mail addresses).
  • Do Not Reply to spam messages because any answer can be presume as consent for sending even more spam e-mails.

  • Do Not apply for deletion/remove from list, because by doing this you just inform the spammer that you e-mail address is active and soon you will receive even more spam as a regret to your previous decision!

  • Do Not register to mailing lists unless this is absolutely necessary. Very offen spammers harvest e-mail addresses that belongs to official but unfortunately unsafe web sites.

  • Use proper subject for the e-mails you send, thus gaining a lot, first of all it is relatively unlike you e-mail to be treated as spam from your recipient and from the anti-spamming filters. Besides, in case that one or more recipients would like to reply to your message you will know that his/her reply e-mail is not a spam as he/she usually use the same subject with the mark "Re:" at the beginning. In effect, you are both helping other people and of course yourself, too! In case that your provider or yourself use an adaptive spam filter you train it for better results.

  • Use a program to filter your e-mails (Anti-spam software). There is a number of worth notice software products that are capable to filter spam messages using various techniques (see"Anti-Spamming Tools"). You may also ask you e-mail provider if there is already an Αnti-Spamming filter in use and if yes, after a certain period of use inform a representative if you are happy with it or not.


If you wish to hide your e-mail from spammers, we recommend you here three different methods in order to accomplish it. Simply, write your e-mail to the following field and press the button "Hide me!".

Then, copy and paste the produced code of the method you like in the place of where your e-mail should be displayed.

Write your Ε-mail here:

Method Νο 1: Replace "@" character with "@" (Simple)
Method Νο 2: Replace all characters with HTML entities (Medium)
Method Νο 3: Use of JavaScript (Advanced)
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